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Lemon Mint

Lemon Mint Herbal Tea Benefits

Mint teas are herbal teas made from an infusion of dried Peppermint leaves or Spearmint leaves.  They can be enjoyed alone (such as in our Peppermint Tea) or both types of mint blend beautifully with other ingredients in herbal teas, such as in our Lemon Mint tea.  Mint teas have a deliciously refreshing flavour and can be enjoyed hot or cold. 

Our Lemon Mint Tea is a blend of certified organic spearmint and lemon grass leaves which gives the mint tea a refreshing lemon tang. 

Spearmint and Lemon Grass have many synergistic health benefits.  Spearmint is high in potassium which is essential for maintain healthy blood pressure. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of the menthol in spearmint may assist with sore throats and chest congestion as well as inducing a calm, relaxed state for those suffering from stress or anxiety. 

An aromatic healer, lemon grass is known for its refreshing taste as well as for its astringent, binding and contracting effect on the mucous membranes. With its antibacterial and antifungal properties lemon grass has traditionally been used to help fight coughs, colds, flu's and fevers. Lemongrass can aide with maintaining healthy cholesterol levels as well as assisting digestion with its antiseptic properties. It is even said to help fight cancerous cells.