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Mint Tea

Peppermint Herbal Tea Benefits

Mint teas are herbal teas made from an infusion of dried Peppermint leaves or Spearmint leaves.  They can be enjoyed alone (such as in our Peppermint Tea) or both types of mint blend beautifully with other ingredients in herbal teas, such as in our Gentle Ginger, and Ginger and Spice teas, the Lemon Mint tea, Alfa Mint tea and our Liquorice Delight tea.  Mint teas have a deliciously refreshing flavour and can be enjoyed hot or cold.  Peppermint teas have been enjoyed for thousands of years - dried peppermint leaves even been found in the pyramids of Egypt dating back to 100BC!  Spearmint is very closely related to Peppermint in regard to its active ingredients and therefore health benefits.

Organic Lemon Mint

$4.50 Net weight 35 grams. 20 Tea Bags

A combination of organic spearmint and organic lemon grass which adds a refreshing lemon tang to the mint flavour.

An aromatic healer, lemon grass is known for its refreshing taste and may be used for its astringent, binding, contracting effect on the mucous membrane linings.

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