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Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry Herbal Tea Benefits

The raspberry plant, which is native to many parts of Europe and North America, has been traditionally used as a medicinal herb for centuries and has many health benefits for women.  The dried leaves are commonly used to made Raspberry Leaf Tea.  The teas are commonly used during pregnancy (always consult your doctor before starting to drink Raspberry Leaf Tea), especially in the third trimester.  It is said to help with morning sickness, aide in uterine contractions and promote the production of breast milk.  It is also used to assist in the regulation of irregular menstrual cycles and decrease heavy periods.

Organic Raspberry Leaf

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Raspberry leaves have been known as ‘women’s friends’.

This tea can be helpful with menstrual complaints, particularly period pains and excessive bleeding. It is sometimes prescribed in the last trimester of pregnancy as it is said to improve the efficiency of contractions during labour.

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